Adfly increasing your payout rates!

When it comes to optimizing your revenue to the maximum, AdFly is always one step ahead. Take a look at the new features they have been working on during the last months for you and double your earnings with just one click!

‘Skip Ad’ Adverts

Boost your short link earnings by up to 100% with one simple account setting

Great news for all Publishers, from 15th December your AdFly links revenue will increase by 20%-100%. That’s up to double the current payout rates and you don’t have to do anything!

How can they afford to do this? Very simple, there will be a new pop ad when someone clicks the ‘Skip Ad’ button on the advertising window. The user will be redirected to their destination URL as normal but you will earn additional money.

If you don’t want to show your visitors any pop ads, no problem – you can turn off ‘Skip Ad’ adverts at any time in your account settings.

They know not everyone wants pop ads, so they will always be optional on AdFly.

But if you want to start earning extra revenue immediately, you can also enable the new advertising format right now. Just tick ‘Yes’ on the ‘Skip Ad adverts’ setting and then click on ‘Update Account’.

Don’t wait! Give it a try and make lots of money!


Stop Adblock Users
It’s estimated you are losing 20% of your revenue due to ad blocking software – suggest your users to whitelist AdFly instead

In addition to alerting your visitors when an extension is blocking AdFly and reducing your earnings, now you can allow them to continue to the destination link as normal or advise them they need to deactivate it first before they may continue.

To turn on this feature, login to your account, go to account, and tick ‘Yes’ on the ‘Stop Adblock Users’ setting. Then click on ‘Update Account’.

Users who now click on your AdFly short links will be requested to turn off any ad blocking extensions in order to continue to the destination website. This will increase your earnings and reward you for your hard work!

To allow them to continue anyway (earning no revenue) just select ‘No’ instead.

adf ly

AdFly is now in Russian!

Yes! They keep on adding new languages to website and Russian is now one of them. To make your choice, just click the dropdown menu on the top-right of the homepage where you see the flag icons.

As always, adfly customer support is available in English and Spanish via their Help Desk.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your traffic to AdFly, they will take care of the rest!